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Protein Art: Postcards for the Upcoming Mother's Day

Some Protein Art motives are now available as (post)cards!

Mothers_Day.jpg Dogs_Can_Dance.jpg Bulldog.jpg Doggy_Style.jpg

The cards can be ordered via the Protein Art shop at Etsy. In case of shippment to Germany, some cards are also avialable with a discount at Rockys-Onlineshop.

A postcard for the upcoming Mother's Day on Mai 10th is shown beneath.

Now some words about the protein behind the Mother's Day card.

Protein Data Bank ID: 2KRH
Protein Name: C-Terminal Actin-Binding Domain of ABRA
Organism: Rattus norvegicus (rat)
Title of Drawing: “Pushing the Buggy

This drawing is based on the actin-binding domain of the ABRA protein. ABRA promotes the polymerization of actin, the main structural and functional component of muscles. Only polymerized actin can drive muscle contraction. Thus, ABRA enables the mother to be strong enough to push the buggy and generally bring up her child.

Tags: actin, muscle, protein art, proteins

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